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Chick-Fil-A Trans Fat

Trans fat is the enemy in the war against heart disease, it's man-made from oils and shortenings and it's supposed to make food last longer and taste better. But over time, trans fat clogs the arteries increasing the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Last week, New York City became the first major city in the US to ban that artery clogger from fast food to find dining and now, the Lubbock Health Department is considering a similar ban. But, it turns out some restaurants in Lubbock like Chick-Fil-A are ahead of the game.

"We switched our fries to being cooked in peanut oil in 2004 to make them a healthier option as well. They still have a small amount of trans fat, but our manufacturer is working on taking the trans fat out of the fries," said Matt Flaniken, the owner of Chick-fil-A in the South Plains Mall.

Other restaurants that have already planned to drop or phase out bad oils are Chili's, Ruby Tuesdays, and Kentucky Fried Chicken.

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