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Sharp Advice: Dealing With Stress

We have been talking the last few weeks about controlling stress in our everyday world. I think something that becomes important in our culture is finding good balance in our lives.

The reality about living in America is that there is a great deal of prestige associated with being termed a work alcoholic and being a competitive over-achiever. I live in that world and to a measure, there is nothing wrong with that mentality, until it overwhelms you to the point that it controls you and your world.

Dr. Alan Korinek is a neuropsychiatrist at Texas Tech, and he says don't ignore the clues that you need to slow down. "We get colds more often, maybe more persistent headaches. Or feedback from others that say 'you haven't been yourself lately.' or someone asks - 'are you okay?' those may be signs that we're working too hard," said Dr. Korinek.

Dr. Korinek says we need to change our mindset that it's ok to take an extended vacation or even a day off here and there, sort of a "mental health day, something he says could be the best medicine for the mind and body.

I know that learning how to leave things at the office when we end our day can be critical to our overall health. And that's the only way we can take control and fight the negative effects of stress. Reporting for NewsChannel 11, I'm Marsha Sharp with Sharp Advice from Texas Tech.

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