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Yoga to Relieve Stress

If the holidays are already filling your days with more stress than joy the experts will tell us one of the easiest ways to deal with stress is to use a breathing technique which is a big part of yoga. So, you might say but I don't know yoga and I don't have time to learn.

Well, here's a quick lesson from Carolyn Peters, a yoga instructor. "You simply shut one nostril and breathe three times in and out and switch. You are focusing on your breath, keeping it steady, smooth, equal," said Peters. 

Of course, that's a beginner stress buster there are all sorts of stretching and breathing exercises to give you a simple or advanced workout. Aside from using yoga to get through the holidays, it might make a good gift for someone to use any time of the year. 

UMC offers yoga classes through Healthpointe which is on 82nd Street. Covenant offers it at its lifestyle center and they have yoga classes at the YWCA for members and non-members.

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