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Smart Drinkers

Health experts agree now that alcohol can be good for your heart in moderation. So what is moderation and how can you be a "smart drinker" in this season of big celebrations?

The American Heart Association says moderate drinking means twelve ounces of beer, five ounces of wine or one ounce of liquor. However, Dr. Greg Schrimsher is in the department of Neuropsychiatry at the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center says if you think you can just stop drinking an hour before you drive away from a party, that's not a safe bet because he says every body is different when it comes to clearing out alcohol.

"Its always important to remember that people differ in their responses to alcohol so there are no hard and fast rules. Some people clear faster some people might take longer that's why we suggest the designated driver option," said Dr. Greg Schrimsher, of the TTUHSC, Department of Neuropsychiatry.  

Dr. Schrimsher adds that if you think you can sober up fast to drive home. That's a myth. Coffee or a cold shower will not help it just creates a wide awake drunk instead of a sleepy one and he reminds the party hosts to always include a non-alcoholic option because it's not just the alcoholic or pregnant women who should avoid alcohol. He says that list should include any woman who is thinking about getting pregnant any person with medical problems particularly if they are on medication and anyone who is depressed should be encouraged to avoid alcohol.

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