4-Year-Old Girl Causes House Fire With Matches

Don't let children play with matches -- that is the warning from the Lubbock Fire Department.  It sounds simple but that's exactly what started a fire Friday morning it's not the first time this week.

Firefighters say a 4-year-old girl was playing with matches Friday morning when she apparently set some curtains on fire at 2715 E. 9th. Most of the damage was limited to the front of the house, however there is some smoke damage throughout. This is not the child's house, she was under the care of the elderly owners that live at this home.

Garett Nelson with the Lubbock Fire Marshall's Office says this is the third fire this week that was caused by a child playing with matches or lighters. So he has this warning for parents.

Nelson says, "Any four year old, I don't care how good of a child they are. They are going to do that because to them, in their mind, that's controllable. They see adults all the time control little flames like that so why couldn't they? They don't understand the magnitude of what they've got in their hand."

Nelson says the fire has been ruled accidental.

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