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HealthWise at 5 From 12.15

  • Tonsils

One round of strep throat is enough but for people with multiple bouts or the illness it's nearly unbearable. Now a new study from the Mayo Clinic finds recurrent strep throat can be thwarted by tonsillectomies. The study compared to 145 children who had tonsillectomies and a matching group that didn't. All had suffered from multiple strep infections in the preceding year. Of the tonsillectomy group fewer infections compared to almost 60 percent of the kids who kept their tonsils.

  • Technology Distraction

Its easy to see how much we love our technology; we use it all the time even behind the wheel. It's this technology-driven distraction and the resulting car crashes that are the focus of a study at central Michigan University. Researchers are looking for physiological markers, like heart rate and brain waves to define when technology causes distraction is triggered they hope to find ways to make technology less interruptive as well as help people use their gadgets in a safer way.

  •  Color Blindness

We're all familiar with the colors of the season from red and green for Christmas to blue and white for Hanukkah. But for the color blind, the holidays take on different shades. Red-green color blindness affects up to 80 percent of men and a smaller percentage of women. So for those with vision defect traditional trees and decorations tend to look washed out and drab, falling more into blue, gray and gold tones, than the brighter hues most can see.

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