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Airport Feet

When you take off your shoes to go through airport security, do you wear socks?

You should. Not because of security, but personal safety. It's no beach at the airport and if you pop off a pair of flip flops and go barefoot, you might step into what other people have been hiding in their shoes for a lifetime.

"It's disgusting. We are talking about warts, Plantar's Warts. We're talking about athlete's foot. We're talking about nail fungus," said  Dr. Dana Giacalone, a Podiatrist.

A spokesperson at DFW airport says they offer foot covers to people who remove their shoes and go barefoot, but most people refuse them.

Dr. Giacalone say the best thing to do if you're going through airport security is to wear shoes that are easy to pull off with socks that stay on when you do.

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