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NewsChannel 11 Investigates a Lubbock Fugitive on the Run

41-year-old Thomas Crumpler was a trusted teacher.  He is now accused of exposing his genitalia to school children.

"To me, with that kind of charge, he's probably still doing that kind of stuff wherever he is," said Lieutenant Mike Nichols, Lubbock County Sheriff's Warrants Division. 

Nichols says he wants to find Crumpler bad.  Crumpler is wanted for sexually abusing teenage boys.  He was the band director at Lubbock Cooper High School from 1997-1999.  He resigned, we were told not because he got caught for sex crimes, but for another job.  He became Coronado High School's band director and at the time he was hired,  he had no criminal history.

But in no time, his secrets were exposed.

It is believed that on February 26th, 2001 Crumpler befriended at least three teenage male students, two of whom may have been Lubbock Cooper students NewsChannel 11 learned.  He gave the boys alcohol, watched pornographic videos and masturbated in front of them. 

"A witness stated he's seen Crumpler perform oral sex on another juvenile," said Nichols.

When police were notified about the alleged crimes, Crumpler disappeared from Lubbock and hasn't been seen since.   "I've talked to his dad," said Nichols.  We contacted him too. He lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, Crumpler's home state. 

He told us he hasn't seen or heard from his son in years and doesn't know where he is.  Nichols believes Crumpler is living somewhere in the northeastern part of the country.  

"We've talked to authorities and they've gone to different houses to try and locate him but they didn't have any luck," said Nichols.

We contacted the Social Security office in Baltimore, Maryland to see if Crumpler changed his name.  We didn't have any luck, but Nichols did.  He found out that Crumpler's social security number is not being used for employment or anything else.  Nichols believes that may confirm he changed his identity.

Something that has not been reported; police investigators who occasionally find time to try and track this guy down believe he may be into poetry. If that is true, then we may have found a few of those poems posted on various Internet pages under the name "Thomas F. Crumpler." We also found an e-mail belonging to a "Thomas Crumpler" and wrote him.  But we haven't had a reply yet.

But in the meantime, this is your chance to be an investigator.  Let us help the authorities catch this guy. Here's how you can do it, check the Internet occasionally under the name Thomas F. Crumpler.  See if you notice any postings by that name.  Also, investigators believe Crumpler could be in contact with some of his old students.  

If that happens to be you or someone you know, call Crime Line at (806)741-1000 and let us know too.

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