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Consider This... Tech's New Year

Wow! What a week for Texas Tech and Lubbock, Texas. Nothing like making history on the first day of a new year.

In case you haven't heard, Coach Bob Knight broke the all-time wins record for college basketball on Monday and Lubbock is directly benefiting from the buzz. Love him or hate him, few can argue that the attention on his success is bad for Lubbock. Hearing the national sports and news channel's saying the words "Lubbock"..."Knight"...and "Texas Tech" over and over not only boosts our reputation, it helps put a little pride back into our own self perceptions. So congratulations Coach Knight!

And who'll soon forget the record setting come from behind bowl game for Coach Mike Leach and company last Friday. I've seen my share of fourth quarter comebacks, but few that combined Texas Tech, Lubbock, and national television into a truly memorable victory. That one-two punch from Tech has once again shown the nation that Lubbock has much to be proud of and has given Texas Tech the jump on it's 2007 challenges.

So consider this, Texas Tech accolades are certainly good for Lubbock, but great things don't happen without loyal fans supporting those programs year round. Great games usually come with great crowds. And I hope Tech's focus on Lubbock and it's fans grows stronger every year. To me, that includes getting and keeping as many home games as possible. There has been talk of moving big home games out of Lubbock and it's my opinion that, in the long run, more big home games is better than less homes games.

So here's to Texas Tech and Lubbock growing together!

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