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The Lint Wizard: Does It Work?

This product is called the Lint Wizard.  Its hand-held and supposedly self sufficient. 

I found a dog that sheds a lot.  Plus, I was wearing dark clothing.  After holding her, a trail of white hair was left behind on my pants.

That's where the Lint Wizard comes in.  What's so magical about this thing you might ask?  Well, it could be that you don't have to buy refills and that it's self cleaning.  

It was easy to use, just brush away the lint or in this case, the dog hair.  I tried it on my pants first.  The dog hair disappeared.  But that wasn't good enough for me.  Dog owners know that dog hair is not just limited to clothes, but furniture too.  The furniture I was about to clean was covered with hair.

I used the brush on the chair and in no time the hair was gone, and magically in the lint catcher.   The catcher was trapping the hair as I moved the brush back and forth.  It essentially scrapes the brush until it's clean.

For $10, the Lint Wizard is worth every penny. It works! We purchased our Lint Wizard at Bed Bath and Beyond.

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