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Spring 2008 Newsletter
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Inside this issue:

  • 30th Anniversary Celebration
  • TLC Update
  • Critters & Cruds
  • Tree of The Quarter

30th Anniversary Gift
I started Tuttle Landscaping Company 30 years ago.  To help us celebrate this milestone, we are offering all of our tree fertilization programs at 30% off through the end of April, 2008. We are also offering our fantastic compost for only $15 per cubic yard. Delivery for up to 10 cubic yards, normally $60, will be $30. That will make a large load of mulch for only $180!!!

TLC Update
Tree Loving Care is celebrating our 30th anniversary.  This celebration will last through the end of April and you get all the gifts.  Read the full newsletter to get details.

Critters & Cruds
The mild winter we've had has been nice in some ways, but it was too mild to kill many pests. Aphids have been active for much of the winter. Eriococcus scale on Red Oaks continues to be a growing problem...

Tree of the Quarter
Texas Madrone, Arbutus xalapensis, grows in scattered spots in mountains and canyons in southwest Texas.

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