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Stem Cell Research

Stem cell research is back in the spotlight both in the lab and on Capitol Hill!

Now that the Democrats are in the majority in Congress, a vote is expected that will likely expand funding for stem cell research. This comes as scientists announce new progress in finding a more practical source of embryonic stem cells. Turns out the amniotic fluid that cushions a baby in its mother's womb is proving to be a promising source for stem cells.

"These cells actually, uh, not human embryonic stem cells and they're not adult stem cells, but they do have qualities of both, so it's a new stem cell class if you will," said  Dr. Anthony Atala, a Medical Regenerative, of Wake Forest University.  

The latest research out of Wake Forest University and Harvard show the amnio stem cells have the ability to transform into muscle, bone , fat, blood vessel, nerve and liver cells potentially treating everything from Alzheimer's to Diabetes and while this research is still confined to the laboratory with four million births every year in the US alone, scientists are hopeful they've tapped into what could be a huge resource for healing.

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