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Kaboom NeverScrub: Does It Work?

It's the NeverScrub Continuous Toilet Cleaning System by Kaboom that cleans "completely under the rim" and has a satisfaction guaranteed stamp on the box.

But never scrub a toilet again?  One could only wish.  Let us scrub the surface of these big claims because I want to know, Does It Work? 

I will be using two freshly cleaned toilets for this test, one in the guest bathroom and the master bathroom. 

The never scrub is going into the master bathroom toilet.  The directions say the installation is easy.  They say to remove the tube and connect the Neverscrub to the toilet.

I flushed the toilet to see what would happen.  The water was working through the system and the water did not turn blue.  The package comes with a refill reminder.  So, in three months, I will check back to see how well this product worked.

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