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Grocery Guidelines

Someday, we may be reading the floor in grocery stores to make better choices from the aisles.

It's a new program called "take a peak" launched by the Grocery Manufacturers Association  and endorsed by the USDA. The effort is intended to help consumers better understand which foods are included in the new pyramid guidelines set by the USDA.

That means we're going to see aisle banners, floor graphics and educational booklets that will hang in produce and meat sections along with bread and cereal aisles.

"The food and beverage manufacturers have recognized that we have to be a partner with doctors, nutritionists as well as consumers and playing a role to provide for the information as well as the products, that will lead to healthier diets, more balanced diets, which will lead to healthier lifestyles," said Cal Dooley, the President and CEO of the Grocery Manufactures Association. 

Some 2,000 stores in 17 states have already signed up to unveil the program sometime this year. We'll let you know if and when a Lubbock store joins the effort.



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