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HealthWise at 5 From 1.15

  • Obesity Research

A lot of attention is on Rimonabant right now, the so-called super pill that helps people lose weight and quit smoking. It's now sold overseas. It could be approved here in the U.S. within a few months. But, before you get too excited about any weight loss pill, the National Institutes of Health suggest people stop first and think about how unrealistic it sounds.  "Weight loss medications don't work when you don't take them, so the idea that you can take a weight loss medication for a few months, get yourself jump started, stop it and the weight will stay off,unfortunately just doesn't happen," said Dr. Susan Yanovski, of the NIH. Dr. Yanovski says Americans are actually pretty good at losing weight. The hard part is learning how to lose it in a way that you can keep it off and she says that can be done if you're willing to adopt a healthy lifestyle. That means eat less, exercise more and never skip breakfast.

  • Grocery Guidelines

Meanwhile, a new program should make it a lot easier to shop for healthy foods, it's called "take a peak" and it's coming to a grocery aisle near you, eventually. The Grocery Manufacturers Association is launching an in-store message to inform patrons which foods are included in the new pyramid guidelines set by the USDA. That means we're going to see aisle banners, floor graphics and educational booklets that will hang in produce and meat sections along with bread and cereal aisles to help you make healthy choices at the grocery store. We'll let you know if a Lubbock store joins the effort.

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