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HealthWise at 5 From 1.17

  • Ear Procedure

Ears help us hear and look good with earrings, but not all are perfect. Surgery is an option, but a new procedure called Laser Assisted Cartilage Reshaping may offer a less invasive way to correct the shape. The technique targets laser energy on deformed ear cartilage resulting in heating and thickening of the tissue. An ear mold helps heal the cartilage in a more preferred shape. One year after the initial European study, patients ears stayed fixed and didn't return to their former shape.

  • Nasal Cold

If it seems you're tired all the time, the problem may be right under your nose, or perhaps in it. Japanese researchers compiled sleep quality and nasal obstruction information on over seven thousand adults. Those with the greatest degree of nasal obstruction from congestion also felt the most tired during the day and reported the lowest quality of life. So, researchers say chronic nasal congestion seems to contribute to poor sleep and that translates into daytime drowsiness.

  • Kids & Dirt

Parents take note...a new survey finds your kids might need a hand washing refresher course. The study questioned 500 elementary school teachers on their students hand washing habits. The youngest kids were most likely to wash up after using the bathroom. But as kids moved into the older grades, they sipped the sink nearly 40 percent of the time.

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