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Cancer Deaths On The Decrease

A major development in the war against cancer.

The American Cancer Society's annual report finds for the second year in a row, the cancer death rate is going down and the latest numbers are the best, indicating there are now about 3,000 fewer cancer deaths a year.

"What they really show is that we're really moving around a corner, and we started to turn that corner two or three years ago,"said Dr. Derek Raghavan, Cleveland Clinic.

The report finds major progress in survival rates for breast, Colorectal and Prostate cancer, and in lung cancer in men. The ACS credits more lives saved because of better efforts today in prevention and detection. 

By the way, the biggest drop in the death rate was in Colorectal cancer men and women, which is right in line with our community leaders and the local colon cancer task force which made colon cancer awareness a top priority in 2006.

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