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Juvenile Sex Offenders: A Mother's Desire for Change

The alleged crime happened last summer in a south Lubbock neighborhood.  A 10-year-old neighbor boy had a friend his age at a Lubbock woman's house. 

"The kid would come over and play with my son but he would also ask about my daughters," said this woman whose name is being withheld. 

"At the time, I wasn't thinking anything because we're all friends."

 The woman asked we not tell you her name or the boy accused of molesting her 4 and 6-year-old daughters.

"It is hard because it has been recent. But I have two daughters that were being touched sexually by a little boy who was a friend of the family. I actually was a witness of it.  My youngest daughter has no problem talking about it. She will talk about it and tell you the exact words the boy said to her about wanting to go have sex with her," explained this distraught mother.

But she says her older daughter is having a tough time overcoming what happened. She says the 6-year-old girl can't sleep at night and they had to change the look of the girls' bedroom because that is where it all happened.

The juvenile is a 5th grader at an elementary school in Lubbock County. 

"I understand this fifth grade boy is now in an alternative school program, if that were not the case, would your daughter be going to the same school?," asked NC's Cecelia Jones. 

"Yes, the exact same school," she answered.  School officials confirmed the boy was in an alternative school program soon after the allegations were made.

"No, he (the school principal) did not make any promises.  He said he would go and talk to the school board and see what he could do to make our lives easier," she told us.

Lawmakers are working to pass a new bill that would require all schools place juvenile sex offenders in an alternative school program. But this mother says that might not be good enough.

"Yeah, I want the child away from my daughter and I'm glad he's in an alternative program.  But I don't think that's going to stop them (referring to all juvenile sex offenders) from committing their crimes," she said.

She believes exposing certain juveniles who commit a more heinous sex crime should have to face the public. 

"Had this offender done this before to someone, which I don't know yes or no for sure.  But had I known and we were told and made aware, we would not be in this situation we are in now," she said.

The accused 10-year-old boy is expected in a Lubbock County courtroom in March.  The mother in this story is hoping a jury will give the boy probation and make him publicly register as a sex offender and attend sex offender counseling. 

In the meantime, State Representative Rob Eissler of the Woodlands near Houston has asked the mother in this story to testify in Austin in support of a bill he filed.  It, in essence, would protect school children and teachers from juvenile sex offenders in schools and require better notification.

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