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Consider This... Mind Games & Child Abduction

With the recent attention focused on the two missing boys from Missouri, many people have speculated, why didn't he just run away?

This is more so the case with the older boy, Shawn Hornbeck, who was 15 when discovered. He apparently led a somewhat independent life and had been seen many times unsupervised and could've easily gone to police or simply run away from his captor. Well, it just isn't that simple. And what we should all be concerned about, as parents, is arming our children, as best we can, with the confidence and knowledge to be able to do all they can in such a nightmarish situation.

Consider this, what kind of mind games do abductors play on their victims to make them so afraid to seek help? It's hard for you and me to imagine, because we're not psychopaths, but here are just a couple of examples. 

One scenario: I will hurt or kill you and your family. 
Tell your child: mommy and daddy can take care of themselves. If you have the chance to call the police or tell an adult that you do not belong with this stranger then do it!!

Another more chilling scenario: Mommy & Daddy won't want you now. Now that you've done a "bad thing". Tell your child: I will always want you back, no matter what!! There is nothing that you can do, that anyone can do to you, that would make us not want you back.

When a child is abducted, there is a terror they will experience that can make them so paralyzed by fear, that they may be terrified to speak out. But don't miss an opportunity to take them aside right now, and tell them how these people operate. So maybe in the back of their mind, they may someday pull a bit of information that just might save their life. Just like 10-year-old Marissa Graham did. This brave little girl was driven all the way to Clovis, New Mexico from Texhoma, Oklahoma and escaped from her abductor when he stopped for gas.

Remember, communication is key! Talk to your children and do it often.

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