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Early Alzheimer's Lunch Groups

What might look like just a group of middle aged friends having fun, could actually be a unique program called, "Let's Do Lunch."

The Alzheimer's Association is hoping will launch other programs like it for people under age 65. The common denominator in the group? All are concerned that they are showing early signs of dementia.

"We estimate that a half a million people in the country have young onset Alzheimer's disease. Alzheimer's disease and dementia is a terminal illness and it is at epidemic proportions, the program's designed to physically, socially and cognitively stimulate the participants throughout the day, so we go into a physical activity, maybe basketball, maybe aerobics, dancing, and we'll include some of the art therapy and music therapy and drama therapy," said Connie Wassermann, of the Jacobson JCC. 

If you are concerned about early signs of dementia in you or someone you love there is testing here in Lubbock at the Garrison Institute for Aging. It's a 30 minute test called Grey Matters for information on that test and access to other resources on dementia related issues, call the Garrison Center at 763-4455.

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