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Sharp Advice: High Heels

I know shoes can make an outfit, but I think most women would agree the outfit with the best shoes isn't the one we wear on a basketball court.

When it comes to pointed shoes and high heels those heels are going to magnify any problem in the front of the shoe because that natural slope down from a high heel is going to push the foot down and cause increased pressure on the front of the foot. That's what I've learned from the department of Orthopedics at the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center.

Dr. Speight Grimes is a foot specialist there and he says poorly fitting shoes can leave you with lasting problems.

"Unlike they say you wear your pants too tight, if you wear your shoes too tight, it can cause permanent lasting damage to the foot. It's not something the one time you wear too tight of shoes but repetitively wearing high heels can cause the foot to deform causing things like hammer toes and bunyons," said Dr. Grimes. 

He says some shoes are just uncomfortable but if you're feeling pain after you take your shoe off that's a sign that something bad is happening in your foot. Overall, he says women ought to treat high heels like caviar. You don't eat caviar every day and you don't wear high heels every day. It's not the occasional wear but the routine wear that can lead to permanent damage. Of course, some shoes are better built than others. But Dr. Grimes says don't be fooled by price some of the most expensive heels may require expensive treatment later.

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