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MySpace Sex Offenders: What Are They Doing Now?

Last November, NewsChannel 11 told you about the six registered sex offenders using MySpace and warned you there could be more out there.  But the ones we found, we wanted to know if they are still roaming online where your kids are making friends.

We told you we would keep tabs on them for you. 21-year-old Esiquio Reyes a registered sex offender for sexually assaulting a 9-year-old boy has taken his MySpace page down. Remember, he was the guy looking to meet females or males because he has a big male problem.

We couldn't find 41-year-old Shane Fisher either. Fisher is the man that actually interviewed with us wanting to let people know he wasn't doing anything wrong on MySpace and that he was a changed man. 15-years-ago, Fisher was convicted of aggravated sexual assault and kidnapping.  

A few pages that are still up are from guys who are still behind bars. Patrick Wong, a 26-year-old Texas Tech student, is still in jail for using MySpace as a direct violation of his probation. He is convicted of indecency with a ten year-old girl. He's has a sentencing date of February 9th.

20-year-old Bryan Dupuy is still in jail.  He has been in jail since for about three months. He also is waiting for a hearing that will determine if he goes back to jail. Dupuy was on probation for indecency with an 8-year-old girl. 

And finally, 32-year-old Paul Gutierrez.  He was convicted of indecency with two teenage girls. While he was out on parole he had a MySpace page.  During our investigation, Gutierrez was arrested for having a MySpace because it violated the terms of his parole. He has since been transferred to a unit in Pampa in the panhandle and he is not getting out of jail for another three years.

We also found just recently that MySpace is upgrading its safety features to protect teenage users from adult predators.  They are going to start sending out online amber alerts during serious child abduction cases to help find missing children. MySpace has partnered with the National Center for Missing and Exploited children.  It is part of their bigger plan to protect all users.

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