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Consider This... W.B. "dub" Rushing

Lubbock lost a true hero this week. Lubbock businesses man and philanthropist W.B. "dub" Rushing died early Monday. He was 96.

If you didn't know "dub", I'd like to introduce you to a man that truly pioneered the spirit of giving in Lubbock.

"dub" was a developer by trade and was good at it. But it's not his success, but what he did with it that will be "dub's" legacy. His genorsousity towards his community and his zeal for life is simply unmatched.

Lubbock was turning one year old when "dub" was born and he saw the birth of Texas Tech University. And from the earliest years "dub" would contribute millions to Tech. Donating to many different departments and creating many scholarships. "dub" had a real passion for helping students. He started Varsity Book Store in 1934.

"dub"donated millions to University Medical Center in addition to serving as chairman of the board. The list of donations and accomplishments goes on and on and on.

In almost 10 decades of life, "dub" saw 17 presidents, lived through the great depression and two world wars. He also managed to do more for Lubbock in that time than most Lubbockites will ever realize. Yet he remained as humble as the day he earned his first dollar.

So consider this... A few words of life wisdom from the late "dub" Rushing himself.

"dub" once said, "Each day there is something you really dread doing, so do it the very first thing of the day and get it out of the way. It's never as bad as you think it's going to be."

"dub" also said the three most valuable things in life besides family are education, church, doesn't matter where you go, just go and give, and travel. "dub" said those three things create memories and bring rewards that no one can ever take away from you. 

But my favorite and perhaps most popular quote, "Don't give until it hurts, give until it feels good"

So from somebody who will benefit from your amazing generosity, I say thank you "dub."

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