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The Easy Whip: Does It Work?

I thought this product was interesting. It's called the Mini Easy Whip. What does it do?  It turns liquid heavy whipping cream into fluffy clouds of goodness. But for 40 bucks, Does It Work?

Your package comes with an air cartridge to create nitrogen pressure inside the can.  All you have to buy is the cream. One quick rinse of the container and we're whipped ready!

The Easy Whip only makes 1/2 pint at a time.  I poured the cream into the container.

Then you twist on your air cartridge until you hear the air release from the cartridge.  Next, you shake the can.  Finally, place the press nozzle on the can and press the button.  It came out just like it would a can you buy from the grocery store.  The cream was fluffy and stiff.  We tried it in coffee and it tasted delicious.

The Easy Whip Works!

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