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American Cancer Society Clears The Air Over Quit Line

Earlier this week, we gave you a Texas hotline for smokers who would like to quit.

Since, then, we've been hearing from a lot of smokers who say they're burning up about that hotline. We're going to let the American Cancer Society clear the confusion.

The first problem with the Texas Quit Smoking Hotline is the letter placement on a phone. The phones at NewsChannel 11 have the letter Q with the Z on the zero button, but cell phones and newer phones like this have the Q on the seven button where it should be in the alphabet with "P-Q-R-S", but that means when the American Cancer Society launched a simple hotline called 1-877-Yes-Quit they lost a lot of callers trying to reach them with "Q" on the wrong number.

That's not the only disappointment to smokers calling the quit line. We told you operators were standing by with a two month supply of free medication. But it turns out not all the operators were briefed on that freebie. So, you can get a two month supply of free medication by sending a doctor's referral to the folks at the quit smoking hotline and you can pick up that referral form at the Lubbock office of the American Cancer Society. Just get your doctor to sign it then fax it to the number provided on the referral.

The bottom line is if you want to quit smoking you're half way there and the American Cancer Society is there to help you through the other half with the medication and the counseling you need to kick the habit.

The quit smoking hotline is 1 -877-Yes-Quit. That translates into 1 (877) 937-7848. 

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