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Birth Control Warnings

Some birth control pills already warn of a health risk on the box, but now a public advocacy group says that's not enough.

The watchdog group Public Citizen is asking the Food and Drug Administration to ban some of the newest generation birth control pills, claiming they nearly double the risk of life-threatening blood clots.

"Women are essentially being victimized on the basis of economics because companies don't want the FDA to take their products off the market," said Dr. Sidney Wolfe, of the Public Citizen-Watchdog.

"This is another example of hormone hysteria. Anytime any hormone is used in any person, there is always a very rare chance for blood clot," said Dr. Holly Thacker, of the Cleveland Clinic.  

The newest generation of birth control pills contain the synthetic hormone Desogestrel which Public Citizen says is no more effective but poses a greater risk. The experts at the Cleveland Clinic are among many who believe that although the risk is higher, it is minuscule and the newer pills have benefits that other pills don't including acne treatment.

The FDA only says that it has received the petition from Public Citizen and will review it carefully.

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