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The Vidalia Chop Wizard: Does It Work?

Here is the fastest and easiest way to chop veggies.  The product is called the Vidalia Chop Wizard.  "Hey, this looks familiar!" said Cecelia.

The Vidalia Chop Wizard is similar to the Nicer Dicer we tested 11 months ago. Same shape, same concept. It's dicing made easy, but we still have the same question Does it Work? 

"This one is different because it has measurements on the side," said Cecelia.  The Vidalia Chop Wizard has a large dicer and a small dicer.

First, I tried the larger dicer on the tomato. I cut it in half and placed the tomato on top of the blades. I pulled the lever on top and applied pressure to chop it and had a diced tomato in seconds. The onion was easier to chop. However, the bigger dicer gave me bigger pieces.  With that in mind, I switched out the blades to the smaller one. 

I will have to admit, using the smaller chopper was difficult.  I had to keep applying pressure.  It was hard for the onion to pass through the small squares on the dicer.

Finally, I used a potato to see if I could cut French fries.  With the larger one, I was able to achieve that.

This product costs $20 and you can buy it at Linens 'N Things.  It works!

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