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Consider This... City Pay Raises

City Hall lost a little more credibility this week when they handed out big raises to three Assistant City Managers. Now I don't have a problem with paying someone more for doing more work, but that's not what's going on here.

As fast as Lubbock is growing, most city employees have taken on more work, yet council choose to give three assistant city managers more money than anyone else. And the way they did it, just plain stinks. Not to mention, I heard they wanted to make it retroactive to June 2006.

City Manager, Lee Ann Dumbauld conveniently waited until after the budget was approved, which included a tax increase, to spring these raises on the council. That didn't fly with council members then for obvious political reasons, but now, at Mayor Miller's direction, it has been pushed through almost 5 months later.

What's worse, Floyd Price cut John Leonard off by calling for an immediate vote that ended all discussion. The motion was seconded by Phyllis Jones and passed once again by this runaway council, 5 to 2. That tells me that five city council members don't think you, the taxpayer, deserved to hear the opposing opinion.

David Miller, Jim Gilbreath, Phyllis Jones, Linda DeLeon and Floyd Price voted for the untimely raises, while John Leonard and Gary Boren voted against them.

Consider this, this process is just another reason why people don't trust City Hall. They continue to make hypocrisy out of the system and a mockery out of the taxpayers. It's obvious the good 'ole boy system is alive and well at City Hall. They care more about how to spend your money then save it, and I, for one, will remember that come election time.

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