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Mixing Caffeine Drinks & Alcohol Could Be Dangerous

It's the newest trend in bars around the country. Instead of rum and coke, it's just rum and caffeine. Specifically, energy drinks that contain a lot of caffeine. You see them on store shelves, energy drinks like Red Bull, Dark Dog, and Bawls. Mix any of them with alcohol and "It pretty much makes you really excited and you get the drunk feeling, but you don't get that tired feeling that comes along with it. You get to keep on partying. You don't have to stop," says Jeff McGregor a college junior.

"I think the concern here is caffeine keeps people more alert, so they continue to drink. The truth of the matter is, you may be more alert, but if your blood alcohol level is over 08, you're still drunk and you'll still be arrested," says Dr. Brent Furbee a Indiana Poison Center.

Dr. Furbee says another drinking trend poses a danger to the heart, alcohol mixed with herbal stimulants. Some herbal remedies like Ginseng and Guarana Seed Extract contain a potentially dangerous ingredient, Ephedra which has been linked to cardiovascular side effects.

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