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The Gator Grip: Does It Work?

Why waste time searching for the correct tool when one socket can do the work of a whole set? The Gator Grip is a universal socket has 30 steel pins that automatically grip any shape of nut and almost any size. The heavy duty tool will cost you around $20.

J.J. Ren is a mechanic, and if any one knows tools, this man does. "We're just going to try a few things that is says and see what we can do with it," he says. We tested the Gator Grip doing various jobs around the garage. First, we wanted to see if it could grip even the smallest nut we could find. No problem. Then we wanted to test the Gator Grip power by loosening the nut. "Worked pretty good..not too bad," J.J. says.

Second, J.J. took us over to his car to see if larger nuts did just as well, "Can't get it on there." After some work we were able to get it on.

Third, your universal socket has a drill adapter capable of turning your Gator Grip into a power socket. Did it work? I think so!

Our final test, and a big promise the makers claim, the Gator Grip can fit broken nuts. We took a screw and stripped it of it's shape. It was a little harder for the Gator Grip to adjust to this size, but the tool was still able to tightened and loosened the screw.

There was one thing bad about this product. "It's not a deep socket. It's probably good for small jobs," says J.J.

So finally we asked him, "So does it work?" "Yeah, on some things the Gator Grip is not a bad product," he replied.

The Gator Grip does what it promises, so it works! Just some minor discrepancies with this product, but for the most part. It did do a pretty good job.

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