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Viewer Response to Consider This on City Pay Raises

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Thank you, thank you, thank you for your commentary!  Thank you for taking the time and having the backbone to report the facts and actually investigate issues.  So much of the news today is just the usual rhetoric, press releases, Etc.  Our news personnel have an important function in society, and one of those functions is to help keep our political process in check.

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Mr. Jackson:
You hit the nail on the head...

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Thank you so much for being our voice or reason and reasonability while keeping most of us informed. Many times my husband and I are watching your news channel and when we hear that you are coming on with a "consider this..." commentary we pay attention. Often we are not aware of the shenanigans of the city council until we hear you speak. We really appreciate you especially pointing out who voted for what. We are so glad you are watching them for us and letting us know which city council members are voting in the interest of us citizens, especially ushomeowners. Often the way you speak amuses us. Keep us the great work and we are so glad you put yourself out there for all of Lubbock citizens. You are a great station manager!

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Thank you for keeping us posted.  I would like a reminder of this at election time.

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Why should the public believe your worthless commentary, instead of other things that we hear about. I am totally disgusted that a man would use his position to air his opinions on television. Opinions that do not necessarily have facts to back up his own opinion. That two minutes could better be used to report on good things that are going on in our community or our schools, instead of one biased man's opinion on issues that he wants to bash someone. Please take him off of the air, he serves only one purpose----making you want to watch the news on other channels. Thank you for your time.

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Thank you for the exceptional comments. You speak for many citizens on this payraise matter, myself included.

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Dear Mr. Jackson.
Thank you for your comments during the special "Consider This" on the news tonight.  You are right about the runaway council members.  I was also surprised and disappointed in the outburst from Floyd Price!  I thought he was one of the conservatives on the council, but he proved me wrong.  If our new mayor keeps taxing and spending at the rate he now enjoys, the city and the citizens will be broke or badly "bent" in the very near future.  He sure is one smooth talking guy. Can one of your reporters find out just what the job duties of all the city managers are?  I'm not understanding why Lubbock needs a city manager and 4 assistants.  Dallas has a total of 6 and why do we need 5?  We are a long way from being the size of Dallas. You are right about having a good memory at election time.  I hope everyone does.  Thank you.

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I too was very upset about the way the city council handled raises for city asst. managers. How do these raises compare to another concern that NewsChannel 11 revealed about Lubbock's fire fighters being paid below the state average? Did we ever hear if our city manager or any of these assistant city managers who just got this raise (WITHOUT DISCUSSION) are being paid below average? I'm continually disgusted by our city paying for out-of-area consultants and paying high salaries to upper-level city management while leaving our firefighters and probably many other lower-level civil servants' pay below state average!

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Thanks for saying what all of us hard working Lubbockites want to say.  When someone is making what they are making and when a city our size has so many city managers for the size of our great city I think that they need to put our tax dollars to better work. Like solving the water problems. Thanks for speaking up for us.

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Mr. Jackson, I completely agree with you regarding the raising of our taxes to give the already overpaid more money to line their pockets.   Gary Boren and John Leonard are the only ones who truly work for We the People and not our over sized city government.   I applaud them for their dedication in serving our best interests.  With regards to my own Councilperson and Mayor, I will remember this on election day with my vote. Thank you.

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Great job once again! Now, Mr Jackson, lets get you elected as mayor so you can take you common sense approach to government to city hall! Keep up the good work.

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Mr. Jackson: I want to thank you for your editorials on "Consider This". As a small business owner, I especially like your stand against additional taxes and government employees taking care of their own at the expense of the tax payers. In my dream world, it would be a requirement that all governmental department heads, assistant city managers, etc. must have either been self employed, or required to meet a payroll and make a profit in a private industry in a prior life. But alas, that won't happen. Thanks again for your editorials. I know those that need to hear them most are indeed listening. Keep up the good work.

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As a former City of Lubbock employee, I can tell you that you really hit the nail on the head with your commentary. I believe that KCBD is the only media outlet in this town that has courage enough to tell it like it is, and for that, I applaud you.  I can assure you that the sweeping majority of Lubbock's municipal employees are hard-working, honorable people who deserve far more recognition and better financial compensation than they currently receive, but that hasn't been my observation with regard to many of their superiors . I'm sure you've received volumes of comments like mine, because many people in this town share those feelings. Thank you for having the courage to speak out.

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I would like to let you know that I really enjoy your commentary on consider this. I look forward to your commentary each week.   I would like for you to consider this. Appointments versus hiring at the City of Lubbock. Let me begin with the appointment of the three assistant City Managers that were recently given a raise. To my knowledge these positions were not posted or advertised in the AJ or on the City of Lubbock web site. That is why I have concluded that these managers were appointed. I thought that the City had to post the opening and allow people to apply for position and have a competitive process to determine the best qualified individual for the position/job. What happen to equal employment opportunities in the City of Lubbock? How can there be equal opportunity if people are being appointed? I should also mention that even if the job/position is advertised there is no guarantee that it will be a competitive process. As far as I am concerned the City of Lubbock will go through all the formalities, but they will still appoint the person they want for the job/position. I believe that I have been a victim of this process. I am also aware of others that have been denied employment because of this process. Some of these people have graduate degrees and many years of experience.   I would also like for to know that I have contacted City leaders from previous councils, only for my request to be turned over to City staff for reply. I believe that this practice only allows the city staff to embolden themselves in their "Better than thou" attitude.   I hope that you find this an area of interest and are willing to investigate. I believe that the City of Lubbock is missing out on some extremely qualified and experienced individuals because of this practice.   Thank you for your time.

Consider This... City Pay Raises
City Hall lost a little more credibility this week when they handed out big raises to three Assistant City Managers.

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