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Viewer Response to Consider This on Yellow Lights & Red Light Cameras

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Dan: Just a quick note to express my appreciation for your excellent editorial on the new traffic light cameras.  The investigative reporting  on the yellow light timing was an classic example of outstanding journalism.  All Lubbock citizens should be grateful for the work of KCBD NewsChannel 11.                                  
Thanks again,

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I agree fully with this commentary.   We know what the City is doing.  They want the money from the violations.   Let's see what their decision is on the deficient yellow light timing.  Do they even care about our safety?

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Yes, I totally agree with your thoughts on this matter. It has never been a clear issue to the public concerning how these lights would or will work.
Thanks kept up the good work.

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Why in the world would you spend money on red light cameras to make intersections safe when it really Is not a huge issue. Lets talk about the road conditions in Lubbock! I can't drive up Slide road without hitting a pothole ever 10 seconds. What about all of this money being spent to make our roads safer by fixing them! Seriously!

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Stay on the city about this!!!!Make them check and correct all Lights at all intersections.. Thank you for your dilligence.

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Dan, I just wanted to say GREAT JOB to all of you on your investigation of this safety hazard, and for putting it out there for the public to review, and to the city to correct.  It's great to watch REAL news! 
Thanks for caring.

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Dan, I couldn't agree more with your comments tonight (2/6/07).  I have times several lights, not just those you targeted, and the times of the yellow lights vary by several seconds.  All lights should be set at the same time, hopefully meeting or exceeding national standards.   Another reason for wanting longer yellows is that many drivers are not driving at the speed limit and will still try to beat the light. As an aside, we had a young woman in a large SUV turn in front of 4 lanes of traffic a couple of days ago, after the light was red and all four lanes had started up.  Fortunately, everyone was alert and there was no accident, but....  She deserved to have a red light camera catch her! Thanks for your comments.

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I agree 100% that all intersections should meet or exceed the national safety standard of one second per every 10 mph , however,why not just lower the speed limit also. I mean dear God engineers, why do we have to go 50 mph while approaching a traffic light,just this Sunday (2/11/07) a bad accident happened at Slide Rd. and Loop 289 intersection,not that I was there to witness, but Im sure speed had something to do with it (being that one car flipped onto its roof). While approaching Slide Rd. from the west there is a speed limit sign within 200 yards that reads 50 mph,now come on people, 50 mph is way too fast for that stretch even if a traffic light was`nt directly ahead,same goes for the east bound frontage road approaching Slide,its also posted 50 mph,get real folks. Another example is Upland Ave. and Brownfield Hwy. ,going west you see a sign,reduced speed ahead, I assume because of the traffic signal,yet another fifty or so yards the speed limit is posted 65 mph,thats SIXTY FIVE mph when approaching a traffic signal less than a tenth of a mile in front of you,and yes this is now in the city limits of Lubbock. Enough for now,I could go on and on about other intersections and the posted speed limits but I need to go to the bank just up the street here in downtown Lubbock which is a thrill in itself being that some traffic engineer or city street planner has totally screwed up downtown driving by allowing idiotic parking at intersections whereas I have to pull out into the traffic to see if the coast is clear. Seems like I remember in the Texas drivers handbook,that when approaching a stop sign,you stop prior to the stop sign,then proceed through the intersection. Well, try that in downtown Lubbock and your a_ _  is history.  Thanks for listening, and safe traveling.

Consider This... Yellow Lights & Red Light Cameras
Last week, NewsChannel 11 broke the news that, just as city leaders are set to install red light cameras, some of the yellow lights at these intersections are too short.

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