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Sharp Advice: Chocolate's Bad Rap

Roses are nice, but you're not gonna feel better after you eat them. So chocolate might be the healthier choice when it comes to a Valentine gift.

"The Swiss folks eat chocolate every 3 days and they are the healthiest in the world," says Dr. Rajat Bhatt.

Dr. Rajat Bhatt is in the internal medicine department at the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center. He says chocolate gets a bad rap because our diet driven culture labels good foods as bad for you. But in this case, chocolate has a long list of accomplishments.

Dark chocolate has been linked, at least short term, to a decrease in blood pressure; a drop in bad cholesterol; a jump in the good cholesterol; and even a reduced risk of blood clots. But aside from being heart healthy, chocolate also has its psychological benefits.

"Chocolate, actually dark chocolate, is good for health. It boosts someone's energy and his or her level of serotonin in the brain. So it lifts them or makes a person happier," said Dr.  Bhatt.

Of course, chocolate it is still a candy, so it's not completely good for you. The secret to getting the most out of every bite is simple...moderation is the key and dark chocolate is the choice.

By the way, I've also learned that if you wash down your dark chocolate with milk. Then, you're turning it into "milk" chocolate and you've diluted a lot of the nutrients. Reporting for NewsChannel 11, I'm Marsha Sharp with Sharp Advice from Texas Tech.

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