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Exercise Bulimia

We are constantly barraged with messages about eating right and getting lots of exercise, but did you know there is such a thing as getting too much exercise?

It is actually becoming an increasing problem called Exercise Bulimia and the National Eating Disorder Association says it is a mental illness just like any addiction or eating disorder. So, how do you know when someone is getting too much exercise?

"It is the degree to which your exercise, thoughts and behaviors interfere with the quality of your life and ultimately take up space inside your head and ultimately infringe on your wellness and your health and potentially your life," said Sondra Kronberg, of the National Eating Disorder Association.

Those who suffer don't understand how much is too much when it come to exercise. It may or may not go along with an eating disorder, but other warning signs include, a compulsion to exercise, and the need to keep moving to burn calories and may include antisocial behaviors, fatigue, anxiety and depression.

For more information please visit the National Eating Disorders Association website website by clicking here.

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