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Food for Thought Report 1.3

This week's Food for Thought menu is tasty enough to please almost any appetite. Southern spice and zesty Italian are tastes that show up on this week's list of top performers. This week city health inspectors dropped in on 16 food establishments. Of those 16, only two are top performers and there are no low performers.

It's southern spice and everything nice. This 'rajun' Cajun restaurant is stirring up the taste of Louisiana in the heart of the Hub City. Cajun Stuff at 6816 Slide Road, behind Chick-fil-A, is now a repeat top performer with zero critical violations. "Really it comes down to having good employees and people who pay attention to detail", says Cajun Stuff Owner Michael Brentrose.

This Cajun specialty meat market could be perfect for those of you planning Super Bowl parties. Because cleanliness is as important here as good food, dropping in for some gumbo or a fried seafood basket could prove to be a smooth move. "One thing T want to point out is that our recipe book that we use is a hassle approved recipe book. (It) really helps our cooks cook the recipes properly, and cool foods down and keep them at the right temperatures. I think that's been a really important part of our business."

Our second top performer of the week is also a repeat top performer. Pizza isn't the only Italian fast food anymore. Fazoli's at 1902 West Loop 289 is a repeat top performer with zero critical violations.

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