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Does Staging Increase Selling Price and Shorten Time on the Market?

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Congratulations! You are ready to sell your house. What's next?

The simple act of living in your home is quite different from what must be done to offer your home for sale. If your home normally has dirty dishes in the sink and clothes on the floor, that reality must change if you wish to make a good impression on potential purchasers! Sometimes, even the arrangement of the furniture needs to be altered so that real estate agents and their clients can safely and easily walk through each room.

Professionals who assist you with making your home as inviting as possible are known as stagers or real estate enhancer's.

Staging is the process of preparing any house for sale to maximize sales price, regardless of price point or location of the home.

According to Kathleen Garnett with Room for Change, "When you get ready to place your house on the market, it becomes a product that must be packaged appropriately. Real estate enhancement involves the same common sense advice that real estate agents have been giving sellers for years. The home arranger takes the steps for getting a house ready to sell a bit further by showcasing the home in a stylish, tasteful manner that persuades potential buyers to say, ‘I can see myself living here!' "

Garnett is an experienced graduate of the Interior Arrangement and Design Association and Realty Enhancement. She works with clients to make the most of what they already have to create eye-catching interior arrangement and dazzling curb appeal.

The purchase of a home is the largest investment most people ever make. Because it represents such a significant amount of money and will be a refuge from daily worries, a home for sale needs to invite potential buyers to envision the rooms filled with their belongings. "Home buyers who are ready to make a major investment need to be able to see themselves in any home they tour. So, remember that your home is one of many for sale and you must present it in the best possible manner," said Garnett.

A July 2005 study of homes enhanced by staging demonstrated the overwhelming, positive advantages of the professional preparation of listings. Staged homes sold 30% faster!

  • Staged homes reduce the chance for price negotiations and buyers who chip away at the asking price.
  • Agents working with buyers recognize staged homes as properties ready to sell and are more likely to show your house over those in a comparable price range.
  • HUD data shows that a staged home sells for 17% more, on average, than a non-staged home.

Enhancing a home for sale can be a very smart investment. Staging can help you to eliminate clutter, maximize traffic patterns, rearrange furniture, pre-pack nonessential items and sell your home quickly!

By Melissa Sprouse Browne

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