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HealthWise at 5 From 2.14

  • Frozen Ovaries

Younger women facing cancer treatment may wonder how to preserve their ability to have a child. Now, a new study will look at removing and freezing an ovary for use later in life. Researchers at Northwestern University in Chicago are starting a program for reproductive age women who are about to begin cancer treatment. Prescreened patients will have one ovary laparoscopically removed and then cryogenically preserved. Researchers hope to mature eggs from the tissue at a later time.

  • Avian Flu & Water

Although the bird flu hasn't grabbed the headlines like it did a year ago there's still enough concern that scientists are trying to rule-out ways the virus might spread. One recent study by Cornell university looks at whether this type of flu could reach people through public water systems. In their study of a virus closely related to the bird flu researchers looked at treatments used to make water safe. They found UV radiation chlorination, as well as bacterial digesters used on waste were all effective in inactivating the bird flu virus.

  • Seasonal Spices & Drugs

Herbs and spices add flavor and zip to our foods, but a few might cause problems with medications. Doctors from Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas say some common spices like cloves, sage, and thyme are of concern. Like some foods, these herbs can interfere with the way blood thinners or other medicines are metabolized by the body. So you plan a new menu, researchers recommend that you talk to your doctor or pharmacist about ingredients you should avoid.

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