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Silicone Baking Pans: Does It Work?

Some of you my have wondered what it would be like to bake with a silicone baking pan.  Don't wonder any more.  We got one just in time for Valentine's Day.  It's in the shape of a heart which will be perfect for our test!

The makers claim it is a non-stick pan and flexible.  I could visibly see if one of those claims were true.  But the other one would have to be put to the test.  I whipped up a mixture of Strawberry cake and poured it into the pan.  After 32 minutes, the cake appeared to be ready.  I gave it the toothpick test and it was.

What was interesting about this pan, it was hot to touch it, but not as hot if you were to touch a metal pan.  And taking the cake out of the pan was easy!  I couldn't believe how clean the pan was.

My Valentine's Heart was super sweet using the silicone baking pan.  It works!

You can purchase silicone baking pans just about anywhere in Lubbock.  We got ours at United Supermarkets for $20.

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