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HealthWise at 5 From 1.7

  • Coffee Slow Down

Coffee does more than just wake you up. It also slows the flow of blood to your brain. That's according to a new study out of Wake Forest University School of Medicine. Researchers noted an increase in blood flow during caffeine withdrawal, and say it means doctors need to consider coffee consumption levels when they study the results of MRI testing. Researchers say the findings are surprising because caffeine is considered a stimulant but at times it can have the exact opposite effect.

  • OTC Warning Labels

The FDA is considering a change in warning labels to better inform you about which drugs could impair your driving. The National Transportation Safety Board is pushing for the change after an increase in crashes related to legal medications, including muscle relaxants and pain killers. The FDA and NTSB also want to get patients and doctors more involved in discussing drugs and their side effects. A decision on the labeling is expected within a year.

  • The Pizza Explorer

If your kids love pizza, it may soon give them a better taste for education. The Institute of Food Technologists and Purdue University researchers have developed the pizza explorer, an educational CD ROM. Cartoon character, Peter Oliver Pizzaro guides you through pizza's history plus nutritional information about popular pizza toppings. Currently the CD ROM is geared to middle school and high school students, but can be modified for other age groups. For more information (Click Here ).

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