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Let's Lose It Lubbock: Week 5

It's Weight Watchers Week 5 and it was a little harder to step on the scales this time if you were braving slippery streets to get to the Peacock Place.

Only one made it from the outside, Judge Drue Farmer ruled it was time for a lesson on lunch. Remember, this is how Jared lost 245 pounds after tipping the scales at 425 pounds.

"So that's a challenge when we go out to eat. We can cut things in half. We can share with a friend," said Teena Beadles. 

That's what we learned at this meeting. Cutting down a little saves a lot in fat and calories which means fewer points in the Weight Watcher world.

They were made into four inch sandwiches instead of six and they're four points now, we had four dressings on the table, but when Beverly looked up the points,  you think anybody picked ranch? No, we all had mustard the fat free choice and we learned a healthy meal can include a side of chips if you want because if they're baked that's not bad.

One sad order of business today, farewell to Chris and Mikel, they're moving to Dallas.

"It helps so much to have everybody together for successes and failures and we celebrated a lot of success this time," said Judge Farmer. 

The judge has lost five pounds, Eloisa has lost 10 and so has Kim. Debbie has lost 11 and Denise has lost 12.

So how'd we do as a team this week? In all, we've lost more than 131 pounds! "Give yourself a big hand and give Subway a great big hand because the meal has been great," said Teena Beadles.

Let's Lose It Lubbock
It's estimated that half the people in America make the same New Year's resolution to eat healthy and lose weight. So, NewsChannel 11 decided to kick-off the year with a challenge called "Let's Lose It Lubbock."

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