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More Reasons To Give Up Cigarettes While Pregnant

A new study released by British scientists has found more links to kids in trouble because their moms smoked during pregnancy. We've known for a long time that smoking during pregnancy can lead to lower birth weight and respiratory problems, but the new research looks at 17,000 British births, following those kids to age 33. They found that fetal exposure to smoke was also a big risk factor for those kids developing obesity and diabetes.

"What's quite frightening is that we got to 33 years of results, and we know that obesity tends to happen and diabetes tends to happen over the age of 40. So it could be that the results are actually higher, but the credit of the study seems quite credible," says Simon O'Neill of Diabetes UK.

The British researchers say the message is clear. That women who smoke should try whatever help they can get to at least give up cigarettes while they're pregnant.

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