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Dirty Desks

Some might think women are cleaner than men, but when it comes to personal office space  women appear to be the dirty ones! 

A study sponsored by Clorox found women have about 3.5 times more bacteria on their desks compared to men. Here are the main culprits:

  • Hand lotion - the study says women use it more than men and it can trap germs.
  • Kids - women interact with children more than men do, make-up, which can harbor and transfer germs.
  • Food in the drawers - according to the study, women were more likely to stash food which may cause mold.

The researchers analyzed samples from 59 women's offices and 54 men's offices in New York City, LA, San Francisco, Oregon and D.C. They sampled the phone, desktop, computer mouse, computer keyboard, exclamation key, pen, bottom of desk drawer and handle of desk drawer. They also swabbed personal items like PDA's, women's purses and makeup cases, and men's wallets.

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