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HealthWise at 5 From 2.16

  • Baldness Comb

The FDA has approved something called the HairMax laser-comb for men with androgenic alopecia, also known as male-pattern baldness. The laser-comb is a hand-held device people can use in the privacy of their own homes. In a study by laser-comb's manufacturer 93 percent of participants saw an increase in the number of thick hairs on their head over a 6-month period. The device does not use medication rather, it uses "laser energy" on the scalp to encourage growth. At least 35 to 40 million men in the US have male-pattern baldness. Women may also be affected, but at this point, the laser-comb is only approved for men.

  • Flu Mist

The nasal flu vaccine, flu mist, may give kids the best protection against that seasonal bug. A report in the new England journal of medicine looked at nearly 8,000 kids using either the flu vaccine in a mist or typical injection. They found both vaccines lowered the chance of getting the flu, but there were over fifty per cent fewer cases in the flu mist group. Experts say giving the vaccine through the nose may stimulate a more complete immune response because that is where the flu virus normally enters the body. However, not everyone can get this protection through the nose. Kids less than a year old had more wheezing episodes in the flu mist group so doctors recommend a flu shot for infants.

  • Sexy Sweat

They say, "never let 'em see you sweat" but believe it or not the smell of sweat may be a powerful way for men to attract women. A study out of the University of California at Berkeley found women who smelled a chemical present in men's sweat experienced increased hormone levels and heart rate. The researchers were looking particularly at levels of the hormone cortisol which is associated with arousal and sense of well being. They found cortisol levels in women shot up for about 15 minutes after they smelled the sweat chemical and it stayed elevated for up to an hour. The sweat chemical is called androstadienone, it is a derivative of testosterone.

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