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Lubbock City Council Using "Caution" with Red Light Cameras

NewsChannel 11 timed 12 intersections where red light cameras were going up.  Using a rolling timer, we found eight of them short of the National Standard time of one second per ten miles per hour of the posted speed limit.

Our investigation raised lots of questions, enough for two city council members to step back and take caution.

Councilman Gary Boren has created a resolution.  In it he asks to scratch the plans for now and start over.  "Forget photo enforcement, let's start over and make sure every light, red light system, at every intersection is timed right," said Boren.

Starting over means the entire plan goes back to the Citizen's Traffic Commission.  A board made up of seven citizens may have to review and approve documentation that proves all yellow and red light times are at its correct times at all 190 intersections in Lubbock.

Councilman Jim Gilbreath is co-sponsoring the resolution that will be presented at Thursday's city council meeting. He says if they're not timed right, then red light cameras have no business being up.

"We need to make sure all our lights are well within the standards.  In fact, I think they should exceed the standards," said Gilbreath.

"I give a lot of credit to your report for this resolution," added Gilbreath.

Traffic engineers would also have to study the intersections after the lights have been timed right to see what type of red light running problem we actually have.

Does this mean we'll see red light cameras up at 12 intersections this year?   It is a possibility it may not happen.  Gilbreath, however, says the resolution may just delay the process 45 to 90 days which means red light cameras toward the end of the year, instead of the summer.

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