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Consider This... Chippendales Arrest

The city of Lubbock has made waves again because of its conservative laws and traditional views. This time, eight Chippendales dancers, their managers, and the manager of a local bar were all arrested for putting on a sexually oriented show.

According to Lubbock city law, that is not allowed. They were all then released by a judge, free of bond, the next day. Then three days later the public had questions at a town hall meeting, and the mayor and councilwoman DeLeon refused to talk about it.

I don't have time here to banter both sides, split hairs, and ponder the definitions of the law but the fact is, the Chippendales are a sexually oriented show and the city council, the sheriff, and even local judges have decided to wage war on all sexually oriented businesses and shows. But agree or disagree, you don't get a vote. Our leaders have decided it is their right to legislate morality.

Personally, I think there are a lot more important things our police officers could be doing on a Friday night, but again, our city leaders make the laws, not the police department.

So consider this, what we have here is an overzealous group of elected officials who feel it is their duty to be our moral judges and a bar owner who loves the attention and spotlight that comes with testing the laws. Put those two together and you get the fiasco that we've seen this week.

Now overall, I think Lubbock is a great place to live but consider how this looks, we made a law, we arrested people, released them free of bond, and then refused to answer the public's questions in a public town hall meeting. That's embarrassing.

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