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Viewer Response to Consider This on Chippendales Arrest

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I think it is ridiculous/hilarious that this happened... police need to focus on finding the murderers, the thieves that have held up so many businesses, the drug problems in our city etc instead of arresting guys for thrusting themselves at women... these guys were not naked; the women were there for entertainment and it was turned into this embarassing fiasco by lubbock police.... I am embarrassed to live here.... way to go lubbock, show the world your ignorance and overly conservative backwoods mentality...

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I totally agree with these comments.  I do not live in Lubbock but shop there quiet often.  This has been an on going thing with Jake's and the police.  Yes, I think the police could have spent Friday night doing something besides "harassing" Jake's.  The people that bought tickets wanted to see the show and knew full well what it was about.  The police and Jake's need to "bury the hatchet" and move on.  Lubbock being #1 in Texas with STD's might be something to work on instead of this.

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It is obvious that there must be some regulation on sexually oriented businesses.  If it were not so then anyone at any time could open up a strip club or "massage parlor" or some other business and have unregulated illegal activities going on.  Then we would find underage people stripping/going to the shows and any other number of illegal immoral activities.  It is also my understanding that Jakes refused to apply for a permit from the city for the show.  It is also my understanding that Jakes and the dancers were warned before hand as to what they could and could not do in the show and they refused to follow the law.  Whether they like the law or not does not give them the right to not follow it.  I don't like speed limits but I understand that if I speed I pay the price.  I also understand that speed limits make us safer while on the streets.  Does regulating sexually oriented business make our children safer from sexual predators?  I'm not saying that sexual predators were at Jakes, but I'm just saying that there must be regulation and everyone must be required to follow the regulation or you end up with chaos.

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The whole city of Lubbock is run by seven people (or however is made up on the city council) They make the laws not the people which is NOT right. There are over two hundred thousand people in Lubbock, the voters should make the laws not not anyone else. The leaders need to come to use with ideas for change and let us (voters) decide on whether or not is should be a law. As far as the Chippendales go. If you see a black widow spider, are you going to let it bite you before you kill it? Everyone in the country knows what the Chippendales do. Why were they allowed in Lubbock in the first place if we have a law that states their type of show is not allowed. Another question? What they do in their show is bad? Please! You see more sex at Hooters.

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I believe it was within our leaders rights to leave when a citizen with his own agenda begin to yell at them.  I think they were more than willing to receive information from citizens about the situation and would have responded in turn.  Just because we have the right in this country to voice our concerns does not mean we have the freedom to bully others by a frenzied show.  The citizen who did this poorly reflected on our town.  I am sure there were many other voices that would have liked to be heard that evening, but the lack of self-control shown by the one limited the voice of all.  It was poorly done...but not by our leaders.

I for one am glad that we have laws such as the one used to close down the show.  I am thankful for our leadership and the choices they make.  As I understand, those involved in the situation were made aware of the laws they were supposed to follow and said that they were going to be in compliance.  As it stood, their choices to disregard our city laws brought down consequences upon themselves.   I hope you make a point to relate on the news that there are many in this city who support our Mayor...after all, it took many of us to vote him into office and we are glad that he is there.  I believe he is the right man for the job.  Thank you for listening.

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Those who bought tickets to see the dancers knew exactly what the dancers offered in terms of "entertainment." How disappointed they must be....   But wait, did the spectators hand the dollar tips to the dancers, making sure that flesh did not touch flesh? My goodness, did the spectators break the law, also? If they did, then why weren't the tippers arrested also? Now, THAT would've really made international news.   NEWSFLASH:   Lubbock, Texas is teeming with sinners and lawbreakers.   The news got as far as Mexico City! (and maybe farther)  When the news aired, people laughed at the narrowmindedness of Lubbock and its ordinance/law.

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I was fortunate enough to be invited to a Bracteolate Party at Midnight Rodeo to see the Chippendales. I was young, it was a great time and although it would not have been something I would have done on a regular basis, it was memorable. I admire the owner of Jake's Cafe for trying to work with the City of Lubbock to bring shows like this to our City in a controlled environment. Obviously there is an audience that was willing to buy tickets for this show and they never even got to enjoy it. What is the recource for this business ? And what is the recourse for our city?

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The sexually oriented business ordinance my have been in effect for many years, however, it has never been taken to this extreme. I am only one of many Lubbock citizens embarrassed to live in Lubbock, TX at this time. It is not the city council's obligation to say what type of entertainment is right or wrong for anyone (other than themselves) with out bringing it to the citizens' attention via a vote. They (city council) in my opinion have violated the civil rights of the Chippendale's that were arrested and the patrons of the venue. It is our right to see the type of entertainment that we want. Obviously, Lubbock citizens wanted this show to go on; three shows were sold out. Personally, I would like to have the personal computers of each member of the city council and the mayor to be dissected. What could possibly be on them; what types of websites could they possibly be browsing? But, whose business is it? Theirs and theirs alone. None of the dancers were molesting any children or sexually assaulting anyone. But that Friday night, what could have been going on in the darkness of the city of Lubbock while our police officers were harassing and arresting people for dancing? Who knows. Then there is the fact that the rest of America is laughing at us. The city council is embarrassing Lubbock. If the city council did not want this to seem like a "crusade", maybe they should have planned the closing of all of Lubbock's sexually oriented businesses a little better. Maybe they should have spaced them out over a longer length of time. Having them all close with in less than 18 months was and still is a huge mistake; then very shortly after, embarrassing us in front of the United States of America, where we are supposed to be free and have constitutional rights (although city council takes those with a grain of salt). As a registered voter of Lubbock can guarantee that I will not vote for anyone who is currently in office. I'm not the only one.   Thank you for your time.

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If they are going to be this strict, they need to go to local bars and watch people dancing, some can be pretty bad! The need to get all these teenagers wearing their pants below their underwear showing their butts! They need to go to public swimming pools and look at some of the swimsuits, they show more than the dancers did!

They need to have alot of these commercials removed from the television, sexual inhancements, condoms, KY Jelly, mini pads? They can't just pick and choose like they are doing. If they are going after one, go after all!

Quit running from the public and anwser questions! I am ashamed to say that our mayor got my vote, and that I am from Lubbock Texas. Now I can see what view Natalie Maines comes from when it come to Lubbock Texas and I disagree with alot of her views, but can see that one. Why do we even vote for our council, they do what they want to do, not what we voted them in for? I agree with Dan Jackson 100%!

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I totally agree with your commentary re. the Chippendale dancers. My husband and I were in Cabo San Lucas when we heard about this on Saturday morning. We both looked at each other and laughed. If this happened in any other city it would not have made international news. I agree, what are out tax payers police doing besides going to a Chippendale "performance"? Please ask them to attend any high school pep rally or sport function and watch the cheerleaders at their "dance routines". How many arrests could they make then?

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My dear City Council,

Congratulations guys and gals, I think y'all ought to have your own plaque on the Walk of Fame. Seeing as how it's purpose is to honor those that have made a significant contribution to letting the world know about Lubbock. First it was the black basketball coaches, and now it's the Chippendale dancers. Thanks to you, much of the world knows about Lubbock and what they know is that we are fodder for comedians world wide and probably a big hit on YouTube by now. I emailed a friend in Ireland about the fiasco and he said he was already following it and that a friend in New York had first told him about're getting the word out.

I'm thinking ol' Spiro Agnew might have described the Lubbock City Council as, " effete corps of impudent snobs; a bunch of nattering nabobs of negativism."

This town is largely populated by adults who can make their own decisions and are not in need of protection from a bunch of pretty boy hunks dancing to 70's disco music with their shirts off.

I don't know who the goof was on TV trying to explain "pelvic thrusts" but I expect to see that on YouTube.

If what those dancers did, as described in the media and by the police, was sexually explicit and obscene then you should padlock all the TV stations and arrest all of the little teeny boppers at the mall that are wearing the short shorts, tube tops and the bling-bling in their belly buttons.

Anyhow, thanks for getting the word out about Lubbock and I'll be pushing hard for the city council to have their well deserved plaque on the Walk of Fame. No one has done more than y'all and the Dixie Chicks to make Lubbock a source of amusement world wide.

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Does anyone know for sure how many police officers were at Jake's that night.  The rumor I heard was there was a least a dozen standing around waiting for something to happen and then arrest was made 5 minutes into the show.  Is this true?  Were there two murders in Lubbock that night while the police were ordered to "prove a point" to the owner of Jake's?

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Dan Jackson said it was an embarrassment about the council town hall meeting walkout.    Actually, Dan Jackson's editorials are what are embarrassing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   A regular viewer who will be looking elsewhere for the news.

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You made several very valid points in tonight's commentary regarding the Chippendale's snafu, and I hope you will maintain your close watch on City Hall's morality patrol. It seems to me that with the epidemic of violent crime Lubbock's citizens have to contend with on a daily basis, the City government could make better use of taxpayer dollars by concentrating its efforts on stemming that tide. I especially appreciate the forum you provide for voices other than the Old Guard, since the city's only newspaper long ago abandoned that journalistic responsibility. I'm a woman over 50 with no interest in attending the Chippendale's act, but I certainly think Lubbock deserves the same access to those shows as citizens of any other community in this country. If people in Lubbock wonder why our Tech graduates continue to leave this area in pursuit of greener pastures, one reason is the outdated code of Victorian morality (which apparently doesn't work anyway, given the record-breaking rate of STDs and teen pregnancies we are experiencing.) Kudos for your insight and the courage to voice it.

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I find myself embarrished with this new Lubbock Gestapo. My old friends enjoy rubbing salt in my wounds. At one time I bragged to my New York friends, about the place I called home. From now on , I will always list my address as Woodrow, Texas, but never will I promote the Narrow Minded side of Texas. I intend to move from West Texas and hope that my children choose to live elsewhere.

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Dear City Councilguys/gals
Lucky me, I live in Lubbock where our simulated leaders deal with simulated sex acts and simulated sexual gratification with simulated intelligence. There are people on the street driving simulated race cars at incredible simulated speeds. There may be no limit to the dangerous simulations that may be threatening us at every turn. Thankfully, simulated policemen with real guns protect us from these simulated threats. Where were y'all when Elvis was in town doing "pelvic thrusts" and hundreds of squealing teenage girls were offering up real standing orgasims? Isn't it interesting that the acronym for Sexually Oriented Business ordinance is SOB. Hope you're having a simulated good day.

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Hi there, I now reside in New York but I do keep up with Lubbock since i lived there a couple of years ago and grew up in the area. I still have family there.  After keeping up with the news through your website and talking to family and friends that live there; I have to say I am ashamed to say I am from Lubbock.  I could not agree more with you about the small-minded self-righteous city leaders that hate and fight against any kind of liberal views or anything that resembles open-mindedness.  I can tell you that the rest of the country laughs at that little texas town called Lubbock and how restrictive it must be to live there..........thanks for the time.

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Chippendale's is almost Americana. Everyone has heard of them, and they are a class act for that type of entertainment. I wonder if this fiasco will be fuel for another line in a Dixie Chicks' song?

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I would like to respond to the recent 'events' that have transpired in which the Lubbock City Council once again has proven to be small minded and irrational.  Its measures to curtail sexual and/or lewd conduct have fallen short--miserably short.  It baffles me that taxpayers dollars are used to incarcerate those whose known profession is of a sexual nature.  Were they the 'only' ones not aware of who the Chippendales were and what the Chippendales do?  Obviously or they would not have allowed them in the first place.  And, in respects to the 'alleged' and presume pelvic thrusts--of course they did it, they're the Chippendales!--here's an idea.  Why not enforce this rule in all aspects of the Lubbock nightlife, and daylife for that matter?  Let's use the taxpayers dollars and have policemen posted at all local high school auditoriums/gymnasiums next time a pep rally is held.  That way, it will be much easier to arrest all the cheerleaders as they thrust their hips to the beat and rhythm of Justin Timberlake's "Sexyback" or Fergie's "Humps."  If the Chippendales can't thrust their pelvises, neither should under age children.  Why stop there?  Why not pull our police force away from solving homicides, protecting our citizens, and preventing crime and station them outside all of Lubbock's nightclubs and bars?  That way, anytime ANYone proceeds to thrust their pelvis--or anything, for that matter--they can be hauled away to jail for a one night all-expe! nses paid overnight stay.  And, perhaps, to save money, we can ha ve Mayor Miller himself arrest a couple of the Texas Tech pom squad dancers when they thrust their hips toward him during one of the Red Raider Basketball games?  I say, if the City Council is going to 'try' to enforce an irrational and inane city ordinance, then it should do its part to help.  It's only fair, right?  But, then again, what does the City Council know about being FAIR.   And while I'm on my soapbox...the City Council spends millions of dollars on an advertising campaign to attract people to Lubbock and keep them here.  Why would they want to come here?  Once they realize that the only 'giant' part of Lubbock is its narrow mindedness and inability to accept diversity, in all its forms, people rush out of here.  Texas Tech graduates can't wait to leave the Hub City once they walk across that stage.  In fact, many are already packed up with trailers straining under the weight in the parking lot of the United Spirit Arena to leave the home that never really felt like home in the first place.  Why not spend those millions on trying to keep those we already have here and not to attract those who will eventually leave this place in the long run anyway?  So, now, back to the old age question:  "Lubbock or Leave It?"&nbs! p; Let's make it so that people want to "Lubbock" instead of what they are already doing (i.e., "Leaving It").    The City Council needs to rethink its ordinances and implementation of these.  Otherwise, Lubbock will remain--in the minds of many--the mediocre, run-of-the-mill, po-dunk, dusty, wind-blown town that it is.

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I am glad you have opened this up for discussion. There are numerous facets to this story which need to be answered. Did the city refuse to answer questions pertaining to Mr. Stephensons request for a permit. Does the ordinace need clearing up since it does state that the Primary Business Function of the establishment must be in this area in order to be considered a sexually oriented business.  Jakes does not fall into this category since that is not their primary function.  Is the city trying to get even with Jakes and settle an old score?  The City filed suit against Jakes for the Poker Tournaments they offered some time ago.  The City D.A., TABC, Council all came down on Jakes making claims of illegal gaming.  Once that claim got to the State Attorney General the case was thrown out and Jakes now has a lawsuit pending against the city. How many of those officers that were taken away from their regular duties Friday night were to be driving the streets of East Lubbock and may have been of much better use there.  By the look of the ordinance how many other organizations need to file for this permit? I know this sounds funny but people pay to enter sporting events at schools that have cheerleading and what they wear, and with the choregraphy they perform would get them in hot water here. We have not even touched on Bachelor and Bachelorette parties in Lubbock.  These Bridesmaids and Groomsman are going to have to file for these permits at least 60 days ahead of the date scheduled for the party and must be prepared to fork over that required $650 "Non-Refundable" dollars with a good possibility of being turned down by the Dept. of Health, Police Chief, or Fire Marshall if their plans aren't up to code.  This whole thing is ridiculous. It seems the ONLY thing the City Council and Mayor are good for is making side deals for pay raises for their friends the city managers while the rest of the city workers were told the money is not in the budget.  Then lets get into the whole seperation of Church and State!  On February 6th our great Mayor Said the following:  Now this is wholely beside his "Pray for Rain Speech" This is how our City Council and Mayor spend our tax dollars during these so called Town Hall meetings: "Heard Mayor David Miller declare Feb. 18, 2007 as a day to begin praying for Lubbock. The yearlong prayer effort is focused on hope for the city, economic prosperity, authenticity in government, rain for crops and teenager safety. Since when did it become a standard of practice to be paid to be praying at work.  I do not pay taxes for this council or mayor to preach at or to me and I certainly do not approve of them being paid to pray on my tax dollar.  I expect them to work out issues to better Lubbock, not pray for things to change.  They are paid to enact change not just pray for it! Lastly the mayor and council are beholden to the people of Lubbock.  You are their to answer our questions, listening to our comments and try to solve the issues that are laid out in front of you.  If you would rather walk away and refuse to answer to the people, then do so by submitting your resignation because we deserve better than what you have shown us thus far!

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I believe the city council has the authority to establish community standards.  If the standards established by this council do not represent the majority of citizens, then them in the next election.  I am not sure the city is attempting to legislate morality, and am not a believer that burning the flag or dancing naked are protected by the "free speech" clause of the Constitution.

I do question the priorities of the police department in allocating the number of officers they did for the raid at Jake's Bar.  These officers are needed to curb other types of crime that do in fact threaten public safety.

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I just noted on that the LPD is holding a news conference.  It may be too late to ask this question, but I would like to know what percentage of the on duty LPD was present at Jakes at the time of the Chippendales arrest.  I suspect it was a high rate.  What a waste of resources and a rediculous priority in light of the crime rate in this community.

BTW, I certainly appreciate your commentaries.  That is why I consistently watch KCBD news.  You say it like you see it and it is very much appreciated.

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I am a Houstonian, but have followed this story from the beginning.  I'm no prude, but what your police officers did was right.    First of all, this whole thing could have been avoided if the bar owner wasn't such a cheapskate and got the permit.  From news reports, this show took in a huge sum of money.  I'm sure he could have easily afforded it.   Secondly, saying this is a 'classy' show implies people are not too intelligent.  Despite how choreographed, and muscular these guys are, they are STRIPPERS.  Men or women stripping for money is a sexually oriented business.    Third, the police were only enforcing the law.  If people in Lubbock don't like it, then change the law.  Don't reprimand people who risk their lives to protect citizens, for doing their job.    I'm surprised no one has mentioned there seems to be a double standard here.  What if the bar brought the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders to town, and there was a part of the show in which the girls took their shirts off, went in the audience, and let audience members cop a quick feel and get a kiss in exchange for money?    There is a time and place for everything, and a sexually oriented show should be held in a place with the proper permit. 

Consider This... Chippendales Arrest
The city of Lubbock has made waves again because of its conservative laws and traditional views.

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