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The Hercules Hook: Does It Work?

Add some strength to your interior decorating with the Hercules Hook!  They apparently pack a lot of muscle.  You get 20 metal hooks in your package.  It's hanging made simple and strong enough for 150 pounds, but Does It Work?

We've called on the professionals for this one. Tracy Fuller is an interior designer.  She messes with heavy stuff in her line of work.  

"We've got metal art," she said.   We will hang the metal art using the hooks. 

"How heavy do you think this is?," asked Cecelia Jones, NewsChannel 11 reporter.   

"If I can pick it up, it's about 50 pounds," said Tracy.

Tracy marked a spot on the wall and pushed the hook in the wall, "I feel it's going....there!"

Then I pushed in the other hook.  The hook looks more like the top of a hanger.  Once you press it into the wall, you turn it so the end of the hook is pressing up against the sheet rock.  That is where it gets its strength.

The hook held the metal art!

Curious, Tracy and I wanted to test the 150 pound claim, so she pulled out her free weights.  We collected 80 pounds of weights and placed it in a bag.  We lifted the bag and tried to hang it on the hook.  Our experiment did not turn out so good.  The hook started bending, and it was obvious at that point, one hook was not going to hold 80 pounds.

Tracy says most people won't be hanging 150 pounds worth of items on their wall.  She says if they do, the hooks, when the weight is evenly distributed, can handle it.

"So you like them?," Cecelia asked. 

"I do, I actually use them all the time and I have had great success with them," said Tracy.

We bought our Hercules Hooks from Linens 'N Things for about $20! 

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