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Let's Lose It Lubbock: Week 6

It's Weight Watchers week six, only one from the outside made it to NewsDhannel 11 to park and walk to the pound place so, the biggest effort in attendance award goes to Miss Hankins from Wester Elementary. But, the best unexpected costume award goes to our leader, Teena Beadles...complete with a feather boa in honor of Mardi Gras. 

While all eyes are turned to the biggest party season of the year our weight loss leader brought the bottom line back home that no matter whether it's a huge party, or a small celebration the temptations are all the same. So, our focus this time...party trays and dips and knowing when to quit. This time, we learned how to shop for the right ingredients that can make a fattening old favorite a weight watcher winner.

"If you tell them you want low fat weight watcher friendly food, they will fix it for you," said Teena Beadles. In other words, Market Street can substitute low fat ingredients in a dip for your fruit tray or a veggie tray like the one they made for us.

The trick is substitutions. Like Clay's Creamy Cucumber Dip made with fat free yogurt and fat free mayonnaise.  He used substitutes and it is delicious. Same with Peggy's Chili Dip, Kim's Mango Salsa, Sharon's Red Pepper Dip and Beverly's fat free cream cheese with jelly on top...all the sugar free jellies and preserves were zero points.

Don't forget you can cut back on calories and fat by dipping with pretzels and baked chips and crackers. Market Street is even introducing a new line of chips baked with no Trans fat called "So-Chill." Other lessons learned this time, don't expect perfection keep a log of what you eat.

"I went thee days and didn't log my food and it gets away from me," said Sharon. Don't fill up on stuff you don't want.

So, how did our team do this week? Let's do some celebrating. We've lost 18.6 six pounds and everybody gets some beads. If you want to check out any of these recipes click here.

Let's Lose It Lubbock
It's estimated that half the people in America make the same New Year's resolution to eat healthy and lose weight. So, NewsChannel 11 decided to kick-off the year with a challenge called "Let's Lose It Lubbock."

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