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Conscious Sedation Dentistry

If the dentist drill makes you quiver just thinking about it, you may be glad to hear what a growing number of dentists are turning to for their patients...a pill that patients take one hour before their dental work. It's part of what's called "conscious sedation." 

"You lay in the chair and while you're on these drugs you have very little memory of what went on so that you don't wake up and go, 'wow I was just at the dentist for 4 hours.' All you know is that you're kind of sleepy and you had a nap and you really don't remember much," said Dr. Peter Silver.

The patient is not asleep, so they can respond to questions but while totally relaxed. The American Dental Association says sedation dentistry is not for you if you have heart problems, uncontrolled diabetes, are undergoing chemotherapy or are pregnant. But if you are a good candidate, the ADA says you might want to find out if your dentist is certified to practice conscious sedation dentistry.

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