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Sharp Advice: Kid's Dreams

I've seen how crazy it can be when parents try to juggle 25 hours of activity into a 24 hour day. There are so many different sporting events and opportunities for kids today.

The first problem is that we want them to experience it all. In trying to find the activity in which a child excels the most, it's really tempting to push them into too many opportunities.

So, how do you keep from getting the kids burned out and the parents stressed out.

Dr. Valerie Robinson, in the Neuro-Psychiatry Department at the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center, says before a child signs up for a new activity or sport there needs to be a clear understanding of time and commitment.

"Because the worst thing is for a child to enter into some kind of activity, start it for a couple of weeks and say okay, I don't want to do it anymore and then you have a sense of failure and that's not very good for the child's self esteem," said Dr. Robinson.

She says that happens a lot especially when parents were good at something years ago and want their son or daughter to shine doing the same thing. But you know what? Sometimes, it just doesn't work that way says Dr. Robinson.

The bottom line to parents is: If this is not a good fit for your child mentally and physically even though it's a sport you love, let your child quit. Let them get out of it without feeling like a failure or that he's hurting you in some way. If you're not sure about how your child feels, talk it over with the coach. Take it from me if you push a child into a sport when their heart isn't in it you could end up with a bigger problem if that child begins showing physical signs of distress.

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